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written @ 11:44 p.m. on 2002-06-05

Time flies. I've been working for 3 weeks already. It's time for me to introduce my workmates to you all, isn't it?

1) Ricky -- a very funny guy who can always make us happy. He always likes to play tricks on me. >.<~~~~~~~~~~

2) Rebecca -- the first girl who greeted me and she is really a nice friend to be with. Many other workmates ask why we seem to be so "friend".

3) Wing -- the thinnest guy I've ever met. Too tall to be so thin. I.....always say to him, " You're a bit horrible to be so thin!"......

4) Fung -- for me, he seems to be a nice husband to his wife!

5) Sophie -- She's the head of the editin' department.

6) Jessica -- another summer job worker who has juz come for 3 days. She is a BBA student of CU. I always talk with her durin' work.

7) Zoe, Wai, Chris*2, Hei, Franco, Sam, Micheal etc etc -- Some of them are from the marketin' department. They're all very nice!

Actually it's enjoyable to work in such a fervent environment. But, maybe this is my first job, I really feel very exhausted after a whole-day work. Life seems to be so hard and tedious. Naturally, I am afriad of boredom very much so my job does give me somethin' to work for. I still feel that I am really lucky to have a job.

I have finished one chapter for my favourite in the MTR. However, I haven't recovered totally from my illness. Day by day I hope I can adapt such a life style and have a meaningful summer!

p.s. Day after day, i waited in vain. therefore, i forced myself to give up. that's what i can do....and the only i can do.......

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