written @ 1:00 a.m. on 2002-06-09

This is the diary for several days.


Have you watched the match for Argetina VS England?

Frankly speakin', I do hate England National Football Team very much. To some extent, this profound hatred for it, is mainly becuase of Manchester United. Therefore, I really hope Argentina would beat them as this year's Argentina National Team is really great (although I'm a fans of my BRAZIL....I wont juz watch football matches blindfold! ) Unfortunately, England won due to their outstanding defence. If there wasn't a penalty for Beckham, I thought the match would end in a draw. I am a bit unhappy about the result, but somehow the victory of England is definitely an advantage for my Brazil.

Dont you think it's an easier task for my Brazil to beat the England than to beat the Argentina?

hahaaaaa....(my cunnin' smile........)

Special thanks to the one who accompanied me to watch the match. I enjoyed it very much.....


Let me first introduce my new icq nickname to you:

"Hedonism" is the belief that gainin' pleasure is the most important thing in life.

I am learnin' to be a hedonist right now!

About my flute exam: I was too nervous to make my performance well. I was really disheartened.....

About my voluntary work: There's no right or wrong actually, what really matter are only your own values!

About my Brazil: Although I'm a Chinese, I've supported Brazilians for more than 10 years already. I think I'm changin' my spots if I ask for China's victory! I was satisfied with the result, 4-0. I wouldn't deny China did do a good job, but it's not that great. So, to those football tellers of ICABLE, please use your eyes to judge and shut up! You should be netural towards the match even you're a Chinese, dont you remember this important rule for bein' a professional media worker?

p.s. the standard of the referees is really.........>_<

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