written @ 11:38 p.m. on June 24, 2002

Today I did a lot of things really....

I worked in the morning, then I went to HKBU to have my interview for the subject -- English Journalism. At first, I have never thought of takin' that subject for my first choice, however, that professor did move me. I'm strugglin' whether I should put HKU BA or Eng. J. in the first place....I think I shouldn't think of that anymore. All the things will be settled down after 5th July. Btw, the talk with the professor, Dr. Tim Hammet was enjoyable. He's really interesting! hehee~~~~~


Actually I'm really very tired after...though juz a half-day work......why cant I adapt the pace of workin' still?



p.s. the word "flirtatious" costs me half an hour! i mean yesterday ....hehee~~~~~

p.s.s. actually i do mind that ppl call me as "Sue yee". my name is definitely not an English's a Greek word, meanin' "the beginnin' of life". i know it's difficult to pronounce properly for the sound [ 'zoI ].....but..... nowadays, as the name is used by more gals, i realise that i wont be properly called anymore...will i?


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