written @ 2:30 am on 15.09.02

Today, I realized something.

Yes, bygones are bygone. No longer is no longer. Even you miss it very much, no matter you treasure it so tightly, when it comes the time to end, juz let it be. Especially it's out of your control. I did do my best to stay, though I dun know you feel it or not, I really did. I changed. I changed to a Zoe that I've never ever thought I could be. Thanks for your presence in my life. We walked into each others' lives and left unforgettable memories. I will and I should appreciate all those memories, whatever they are sad or beautiful.

Because of you, I understand I'm really not worth to be loved. I have to accept this even I still cant accept up to this moment. Coz of you, I understand words are really vague. I, should be the only one to depend on. Also coz of you, I understand it's a matter invlovin' 2 people, but not juz one person. I learnt a lot. I hope you know, I did pay a lot too. You were not the only one who gave.




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