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written @ 12:59 am on 10.10.02

i wanna write something more.

too much things to tell you all for today.

fire, could u see how disappointed i'm when i got the shockin' news? i know i cant blame u for anything, but, i feel too sad for her. i asked myself, "why there seems to have no eternity? is it only for utopia?" maybe i'm too naive...however, it's too surprisin' for me to withstand.

vien, i was so happy to see u and let u see diamond. very happy to be w/ u 2, even juz wanderin' without buyin' anything.

gf, the flowers are for cheerin' u up. life is short but fortune isn't easy to maintain. together we will cry, laugh, and learn thro' ev'ry ordeal.

gf's mum, i wanna support u by usin' my little power. though it's really little, i hope ev'ryone i luv can feel it.

my sisters, tx for all of ur presence in my life. i feel like needed by u 2. i hope ev'rything is gonna be fine and turns out well for us.

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