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written @ 12:43 am on 02.11.02


���^�����F Eng. essay + �����o�Q�����@�P (�i�H��o�U!....���M�u���ܤ֮ɶ��i�H�𮧥�)
���^"�����J"�ФF�� Computer Access! (tx him so sooooo much~~~~~)
���^�M oakes + diamond ���ɤF okok �n�����ޥ��]�I
���^���m���� edit (or �O�ڳ��L?....����~) �ڶ}�Y�H���o�ڤ@�ӤH�r....�n���}�߬[�С�(���ӡI)
���^�b�P�Ǫ� hall �p�^�Ск�ı�O�u���ܩ��ĩO�I��
���^�S���F Pacific �� coffee....�����O mochaccino + �L���h��cream����n�n���� yeah�I

there's really no forever sadness or sorrow in the world.....when you read this diary, i hope you can leave it with happiness.
Can you do it for me?
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