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written @ 2:33 am on 26.12.02


�@�@�@�ڥ�P���o����y���Q�N�h�e (merry christmas)�r�I
���^�@��o���n�h cream o�Y�ڪM expresso mocha o�J�n�H
���^�@�Ao�J���Q�N�h�e�P�I��y "�ڷR�A"�C

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written @ 6:22 pm on 25.12.02






written @ 2:14 pm on 25.12.02

do we juz wanna end it in this way?

you left me no choice now watcha gonna say...dun be afraid to be who you wanna be....

it's all you actually are.

Merry Christmas!

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