a new chapter begins~ .

written @ 9:45 am on 04.06.04

to those who have been kept waitin' for my safe msg....

sorry that i cant use the internet or phone here. but you can phone me instead. hehee~ just tell me if you wanna get my number or address. and yes, a new chapter of my life has just started in orlando.

days here are quite busy ar.... but yesterday little white and i finally had some free time to visit one of the four big theme parks Epcot.

ohohohh~ just found out that little white has finally fixed her internet connection~ yo~ i can online there... but actually i live har away from her leh~ since i am UNDER 21!!! in florida, UNDER 21 means that you cant even tast a bit of alcohol. and i have to live with an american girl. she is nice (though i didnt talk much with her....) but you knw i even didnt have to buy any necessities or foods. there are UNLIMITED storage of foods. so i think i wont become very thin laaaaaaaa....


here is one photo.... more will be comin' later after i use little white's pc.... (i couldnt use mine since my roomates always use the line. but they are nice to me. i live with 2 americans and 2 hk gals, but the 2 hk gals stick together everyday already. i can only go to find little white and jen and karen the great cook (they live together ar~ eeeee~)~ hahaa~ i am certain that i will have a lot of good meals under the magic of the great cook leh~ so everyone dun worry for my laziness (in never cookin' for myself).... hahaha~)

wahahaaaaaaa~ beautiful leh~ even in japan i never tried this leh~ Mihoyo (the sales) was just too niceeee to us~ little white and i will surely visit her more often leh~ heheeeeeee~

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