Pics time! .

written @ 11:49 am on 08.06.04

yoyo~ picture time!!!

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�n�o�N�r���㤣�L���ܦ]�� zoe o�Ӽˤӽ����ҥH�u�� cookie monster �P elmo big bird �o�C

�򦳶W�i�Ro�J oscar ����c�G

���L������ zoe��
�ڦP�p�ը���v�W�����o�J zoe�]�u�Y�n��r��*_____________*�^-->

�өO��N�Y�ڥέ��ϤG�ʤT�A��ȶRo�J���� addidas (kids size �ҥH�ݥ����������^�G

�P�p��ݯo���n�@�A�̫�ʶR��ʤ��Ao�J zoom haven�]����u�Y�M�@�n�r�I�]�����䴿�g�n�d�T�Ao�[�A�ӥզ� zoom haven ��Y�ڦP�p�դ@��o�J dream shoes �r�㤣�L�Ӥj��o���ڡ�^�G

����h outlet �ɩҼvo�J����ѪšA�o�̪��Ѫůu���ܤj�ܤj�A���ɥO��ı�o�ܤ��w�r�]�i��ڥ򥼲ߺD���^�G

$7.5 US �|�ɥ��� dip dip white choco �h�h����]��ı�o�n��A�n���D���� godiva $88 �A�@�ɧr���n�Ӧn�h�r��O��o�J�h�h����u�Y�W�n��o�[��^�ҥH�ڦP�A���ڨ����e�@�w�|��o�[�I�I�I


o�ӫ�o�J princess o���n��o�[�]�ڦP�p�զ��鳣�Q���ͷN.....�^�I

�өO�״N�Y�ڤu�@o�J�a�� mainstreet, usa�I
�L�Ho�J mainstreet �Y�l�r��G

magic kindom o�J castle �r�G

��o�a�N�Y�����ݼ�o�J apartment�G

o�Y disney university ���W traditions ��ɤp�ռv�G

disney university o�J rubbish bin�G

�� mihoyo ���ڵ۩M�Aing�G

ʫY�߱߰��ڰVo�J���� pork chop �]���f�P��nanci ����ʤS�n��S�o�N�r��^�G

p.s. to �̡̦G
�O�ﰪ�� nike 80 �A��ȩQ��A�n���n�H

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