so here they're! .

written @ 9:36 pm on 03.07.04

so again this is made up of photos (huh! haha here has already become the photo journal laaa... dun feel weird please, actually i juz wanna make u feel good to see i am still okok and can even show you my picture collection. and once more, dun you knw i luv takin' pics? :D ).

this time i share you all with them... for years long they luv me so well even i dun deserve that... thanks!!! u knw when i am down, the only thing i can cheer myself up is to look at them in my tiny dc....

my baba (photo taken by 6-yr-old ChanCheukLim!~ hehee~):

so here are my lovers (bf, gf, daughter and bf + rice rice ban lord):

and he is Mr. F: thanks for tellin' me that you miss me lots. i am really sorry i am not there with you in your grief period... take care arrrr!!! dun lose any weight anymore plz... you cant afford to lose even just one more lb in fact...

p.s. finally, you knw what! i made a 14-hr shift yesterday. yes i made it! thanks god i am still okok ar.... and the air tickets problem have been solved within an hour after my work (it's so tirin' to use the brain after a whole-day work). hurray!!! so little white and I are goin' to take the 90 US plane to ny. i am lookin' forward to seein' my tiffany!

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