happy bday to amy!!!!! .

written @ 2:30 am on 05.07.04

today is the american national day...

and then the magic kingdom turns crazy. i am dead after a 10-hr shift.... it is really a torture to be busy like that. havin' countless transaction is even worse than to have a 14-hr shift.

ar~~~ sorry to rice-rice-ban lord amy leh... due to the endless work i couldnt even find a time to phone her... i am so sorry...... : (

Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy ar!!!!!!! add oil ar accountant~~~~

p.s. in fact these few days i am happy happy to work w/ my very good friend, the cute lookin' guy jeremy leh~ i have a lot of fun w/ him and he promised to drive me around and visit me in new york leh!~

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