new york .

written @ 4:37 pm on 24.08.04

so i am now in new york times square to type this entry.

i arrived here without big problems but the first impression ny gave me was really bad. everythin' is grey in colour, and i do think hong kong is much more beautiful than this old and dirty city. apart from times square, broadway and greenwich village i could find nothing worth to visit indeed.

btw, hehee, i saw the beauty and the beast in broadway arrrrr~ it was really fantastic and not expensive. since we queued up for half-priced tickets (the seats were so goooooood since they were the half-priced for the most expensive ones~ hoo lala~~~).

um... something dramatic and collapsin' did happen but i will go thro' it by myself. no worry! folks~ i am learnin' to take care of my own self and find my own value for bein' loved.

hopefully i can write again on thursday after little white and i arrive in toronto. i do miss you guys lots, take care!!!

p.s. yes, that's enough already. i will give you up.

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