toronto2 .

written @ 1:51 am on 30.08.04

so today we went to the niagara falls for sight-seein'. i wouldnt say i had great fun there but anyway it was a good visit.

other then that toronto is a good place to live in but never an ideal place for travellin'. but still i do like it very much since i really need a good rest after the exhaustin' new york trip and the damn tirin' 11-hr grey hound bus journey.

and you know i am soooo happy to see tou king here too. i can phone him whenever i wanna find someone to talk to at nite. hehee. last friday we just sat down together in his apartment and talked and talked. it was such a gooooooood time.

hopefully i can upload some pics soon. i knw all of you cant wait to see me!~ kekee~

p.s. please dun feel too sad abt PA... i will be there whenever you need someone to talk to......

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