last fr toronto .

written @ 2:20 am on 03.09.04

time flies. tonite is my last nite in toronto. when i went out with tou king and lavinia at nite, i suddenly felt soooooo sad (i did hv the same feelin' when i was in orlando). i will surely miss toronto. and i told tou king i would come back to canada to find him next year ar.... hehee... in vancouver probably~

today morning i said bye to little white. i hope everything will go fine for her. but actually i think rosana will look after her arrrrrr...

so tomorrow i am goin' to europe by myself. i will first go to washington d.c and then back to new york. and then i will have to wait for 2 hours for my next flight to brussels.

ohhh~ so eager to be in belgium again arrrr!

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