courses in uk.

written @ 10:25 am on 08.10.04

Courses i hv taken in UK:

1) Advanced Practical Journalism (Radio & TV)

2) Film and TV studies

3) News and Society

4) Specialism on Media Studies

5) French

6) European Studies

in fact i like European studies and French most... will it be better if i am not a journalism student? hehee (um~ advanced jour is okok gei... i like to work on the desk very much leh~ just like workin' in comm. channel gum... however, more complicated and STRESSFUL... i do believe a certain amount of stress is something that can push one up lor!) now i always miss the music lessons i can attend in Hong Kong ar... i wanna play african drum ar!!!!!! ai.........

p.s. thanks to those who sent me msgs, emails, phone calls and diary greetingsssss on my day. i am so glad to have you all! i know i am loved. btw, iman made me a bday brownie on 5th nite leh~ it was sooooooooooo delicious!!! and brian was the first one to say happy bday to me on 6th Oct, 05 --> 0:00 STRAIGHT arrrrr!!! ging~~~~~~~~~~~!!!

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