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written @ 1:47 pm on 15.10.04

Just now i got my first hug in UK! hehee~~~

it is really happy to make friends with Mandy leh! i just learnt real a lot from her... she is a postgrad here, studying MA broadcasting journalism. (since the specialism in media is for postgrad too, i have to make friends with all the postgrad...)

um... and another friend of mine is "Balldra" (i forgot to ask the spelling for his name...), a spanish guy who helps me a lot in French. whenever i talk with him, i just miss carlos, alex, hector, nancy sooooooooo much.

today is a good day.

p.s. i like the colours of london's nights very much. looking forward to take more pics for my favourite.

OH! i suddenly realise i have no stand with me while i wanna take night photos....

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