nothin' special... .

written @ 8:16 pm on 18.10.04

today special:

*** had the last lunch with eunice in london... as she is goin' back to HK on wed...
hey sis~~~ do have a safe trip back!!!

*** bumped into effy and gary!!!!!!
havent seen effy for 2 months... i guess it's the tough time that makes us change: to be a better and stronger person.

special to big kwan: you know how much we miss you? we just cant help missin' you lots and lots in our conversation... miss the days we shared together under the big sky (with your lovable cablessss) and 18202!~~~

*** attended a talk by former BBC director, Greg Dyke by myself. well, it's okok lar.....

p.s. it's a good day-off. i think.

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