fr Pennsylvania .

written @ 4:14 pm on 22.10.04

the pa tree is awesome!~~~~~

never be mean .

written @ 1:48 pm on 22.10.04

so yesterday we did what we should have done for long: to get back the money we deserve from that stingy beijing man. it was pretty much like an arguement when he was askin' us to pay for what he didn't pay at all. he said we should look at his point of view-- damn it-- for sure i did and i do. that's why i know what the f*ck you are askin' me the money for.

"Well, so every single penny is actually goin' into YOUR own pocket, isn't it? for you don't have to pay the company at the time being," i asked.

i suddenly remembered how i scolded mr chan and nancy's ex-bf: i became the rudest zoe you could never ever imagine. i can still recall melissa's comment-- "oh! zoe you're always nice... i can never imagine such rude words will come out of your mouth..." yes she was deeply shocked when she heard what i could truly say out loud to a bad man.

i was genuinely angry with a mean man like that. but then i decided not to waste my own energy to get pissed off. after that so-called quarrel and "victory" i had a bar of chocolate to please myself, or in other words, to kill myself, while i was still havin' a sore throat... but i guess i am okok now as i feel no more pain already.

though the pain goes, the anguish is still there, for today is a "special" day.

i will let everything go.
the only thing i will do is to forget.

p.s. i would never let my boy be a mean guy! never!!!

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