read read read .

written @ 5:53 pm on 13.11.04

it's really good to read and read and read.

when i am reading a book, i feel like falling into another world that i dont physically belong to. my soul seems escaping from my own body. then the body walks on, time stands still and a surge of happiness floods my mind. sometimes i want to weep, but i will force the tears back into their ducts. i tell myself i should treasure every moment. that's what "sieze the days" means.

the chapel in the dusk:

recently i am spending my days and nights in reading and photo-taking. well i really dont want to dawdle the hours away sleeping. and i dont want to be an adrift person here. being ocuppied with books somehow gives me a sense of fulfilment. london is a very good place for photography, despite its endlessly gloomy rain.

p.s. re-reading tuesday with morrie gives me a very different feeling.....

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