last but not least... .

written @ 1103375119 on 18.12.04

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���ѱߤW�N�|���}�o�̡C�ګܫܫܫܫܳ��w�b�o�̹J�쪺�B�͡C�]���w�o�̪������C�u�O�����w londoner �� rudeness�C���@�I�Q�ݤ[�@�I�C���O�A�ڤ��Q�ݤ��_�ۤv�A�ҥH�n���C���� reason �j�L passion �F�C

�槹�F USSR essay

�M�|�J�䤤���G�J�h�F soho �Y last meal �]�O�W�~�ӳo�̮ɭԪ�sigaporean food �r�I�ڻ��L�ڤ@�w�|�A�h�����I�̫�S�u�Y�ڧ�ݯ��r�I�K�K�K����^

�b�ڤh�W�� yes and no

alan �J�J�� sms!!!

�M iman b�H ���O�F


�A�M�G�J�ӤF��p�ɪ� get-lost walk�]�� golders green �� east flichley�^

�Q�� vcd ���L�S�� english subtitle�A�u�n���

�{�ѤFpeggy leung ���j�ǦP�ǡAwell�A��P�Τ@���V�K�]���ܤj�ǰ�n��o�[��^

�P�L�W pillow-talk�Aphilo �H��o���n��

�̫�@�ߡA�� okok �r�I
I think i will come back gei... ehehehee.

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