Xmas + boxin' day .

written @ 1:32 am on 27.12.04

christmas special:
big big big turkey!!!!!

ocean twelve (i sort of feeling brad pitt is agin' quickly and becomin' really fatter....)

the phantom of the opera (um... i think the live singing-- from the one i saw in london last year-- is far better than those i heard from the film. but anyway it is good arrrr! i enjoyed it soooooooo much still...)

boxin' day:
party at home (there were unlimited foods, especially cakesssss and chocolatessssss. yummmmmmmmmmmy!)

received two emails... well, better left my feelings unsaid here? they were both sent on christmas day..... but i didnt check my email box that day.

day dreamin' with mark darcy in readin' (hehee i received bridget jones novels from my dearest cousins!!!! hoo lalaaa!!!)

how peaceful and silent the christmas and boxin' day were. very good.

ps. when i say the words, i will always say them with my whole heart; instead of my easily-open mouth. and well, i treat typin' as speakin'.

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