who can tell the meanin' of "let go"? .

written @ 9:53 pm on 28.12.04

just suddenly read sugar's info (but in fact dunno if he still reads my diary, sometimes he does gaaa ehehe)... he says the same thing that captain says in five people you meet in heaven.

and so did you. you said that to me. so i should think in the way that i am the precious thing that you sacrifice and then pass it on rite?

but i really couldnt feel it. i tried hard to think in that way, however the effort was still futile. why would you give up something you really treasure (as you claim you do)?

am i too selfish to understand you?

well, it's all over now anyway.
therefore, just let it be.

ps i miss you all very much arrrr.....
and i miss the last summer!!!!!!!!
hope i can go back there one day tim.....

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