to live is to love .

written @ 11:14 pm on 31.12.04

big kwan!!!
i was really happy to receive safe calls from you though you woke me up in the early morning. it's so great to know you are safe. you know yesterday i was trying to search your photo on the missingperson website from thai... i was just so frightened lor!!!!

i am so sorry to make you worried too... and asked you to call big kwan for so many times.......

very happy to see diamond's msg la... very very surprised laaaa, especially i know i dont have many readers now ehehee. (the fact is i dont write good enough to attract ppl laaaaaa)

today we went to play bowling. i kind of like it though i had a horrible experience when i played it at six. i long for playing it with fireeeee. ehehe. i just think of him again and again today. i still remember fire joined the bowling club at high school and i laughed at him for days and weeks. miss you and love you laaaa.

just now talked on the phone with you. you're being so tart to your friend. i recall the days i was like this. after the call, i suddenly ask myself why i can plump for you for so many years with tears, while you wont be unhappy for my sadness, will you? i have learnt more about myself after the call. i always believe it's better to be emotional than being indifferent. so tears aint bad, and being vulnerable isnt weak either.

tomorrow i will meet thomas son son laaaa.

i will write my 2004 review later.
too many things happened within this "moving" year... moved for at least 10 times with my stuff.......

finished bridget jones novels before the new year!
mark darcy is soooooooo sparkling in the books. i wanna study law so much now. ehehee.

p.s. the greatest thing in life, is to love and be loved in return.

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