antwerp is cooooool .

written @ 1:30 am on 04.01.05


spent a whole day with thomas son son and simon son son in antwerp. full of laughters, happiness, philosophy, norway, london, big feast, beer and calculation of probability. had a good spanish and a good chinese meal. good day good day though all the museums we intended to go to were closed on monday. still an exellent day. ehehee. well, nothing is perfect maaaaa. an imperfect day can still bring a perfect mind.

tomorrow will go to brussels to say goodbye to thomas son son. will miss him toooooo much leh. hopefully i will have enough money to go back to london to visit the four boys and borja before they leave. the remaining day i'll visit belgium on my own. i have to go to burge!!!!

p.s. so little white is back finally...
can you adapt the pace of hong kong huh?

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