hotmail died .

written @ 12:30 am on 24.01.05

my hotmail account died suddenly. dun ask me why. it just said i was typing a wrong password again and again. i was so furious about that. i will tell you guys later my new hotmail for msn if i really have to get a new account!

we had our final comm singcon laaaa... on friday i felt like a stranger there as it seemed i knew noone. but anyway it was always good to play around with you all.

had i never been out of hong kong for such a long time, i wouldnt feel like that... aiiiiiiii...............

on saturday i met my students again. and met dearest kc at nite. cool!

hopefully i can really start my caligraphy lesson next sun.

and i need to draw!

i need to draw!!!!

also, have to read more. i have to get my life back on the right track.

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