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written @ 12:00 am on 10.02.05

well, will change my email address soon, if i can get back my hotmail this time successfully. i guess i have made someone really furious and he/she hacked all my email accounts. was really scared when i couldn't log into any of my accounts! he/she, the hacker, is probably my close friend, i guess. i dunno how to explain why i have that thought but everyone knowing the case also said "you must have done something wrong and made someone really hate you so he/she did this to you." in fact that thought was originally from those people (especially my dear sisters). we have thought that maybe my pc is being hacked but...

"how can you explain that both accounts are also hacked and only yours are affected?" rebecca asked me ruthlessly.

anyway am not goin' to dig into the matter. will just change the email address. ehehee.

today is happy happy arrrr!
brazil team really played soooooooooooo well. but so sad that i cant see my husband... i hope i can see him next year in germany.

World Cup 2006!!!!!!

here are the photos (especially for micmic)!!!

p.s. every dearest, happy lunar new year arrrrrr!!!!!

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