good friday .

written @ 7:33 pm on 12.03.05

tim was soooooo good yesterday ar... when i asked him to transfer my precentage gained in UK to GPA system, he went into his room and typed an official note for me at once. good good good. and he approved me to do conceptual thing for my honours project. really love him to death yeah!~

and later got back very little (500 sth) for my lost agnes b watch from the insurance company (when i was blaming the insurance company for paying me back so little and someone said "you shouldnt demand anything lor! it's already too kind of it to give you money back for your own absent-mindedness!!!" sigh -_______________-). am thinking when i can buy a new one again (yes. still agnes b. am addited to it.) as i am havin' a soooooo splendid life without income in hong kong and i already have a new adorable white Beams Boy. but today got a news that i'll have more money in the coming april yah~ am thinking to buy it with the little scholarship.

yesterday had a very great talk with VicVic. please dun be sad my dear friend.

and then watched hitch. it was quite good. and i must announce that

i miss US...............!!!!

um. suddenly feel not so "me" to type so much. but i used to type much more, didn't i?

p.s. maybe i should apply it. wanna give it a try......

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