big update .

written @ 11:59 pm on 09.04.05

my teammates and i finally finished the international news presentation. this presentation really brought a lot of laughters to us (of coz also a lot of troublesome readingsssss). but the memory is unforgettable arrrrrrrrrrrr! thanks siu sum, 1000 gold, little white and oakes the leader soooooooooo much~ later we should upload the funny photos arrrrrrrrrrrr! ehehe....

sing con. is finally over. dunno how should i feel. but i suddenly wish we won when we were in 12. i miss the old days when we were so close. noone can be left behind in every practise. being nostalgic again. sigh.....

today is a busy saturday.

went to have lesson with my lovely students then rushed to attend their certificate presentation ceremony. and they had a performance too.

so happy to meet many old faces. i haven't seen most of them for a year laaaa! really miss the wednesday class. and probably this will be the last saturday class i can teach in my life... ai...... i will miss them to death~

after that went to long fish's bday party. thanks �¤� for awaiting me!!! as usual, we took some silly photos again during the party, ahahaha -->

always glad to have a best friend like �©�. you're always in my mind. happy for you now. eheheeeeeee.

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