exams are over! .

written @ 11:40 am on 11.05.05

Finally finished all the exams. havent worked that hard since F.3. (you cant really imagine how crazy i was in the past and how lazy i have become since F.4). was very happy to study with my friends for the last exam. yesterday siu sum and i stayed for a nite to study. and we even yelled outside the study room and danced a bit. wahahahaaaaaaaaa~~~

to everyone of us: never walk alone!!!~~~

but all of us are jumping into another hell:
hon pro....................

ehehee days before when i was sooooooooooooooo obsessed with the media law and international news i still had a date with �Q�m. both of us wore hats on that day and we exchanged our hats to take photo:

i love my rose hat!!!!!

glad to have a friend like �Q�m who just sat and talked to herself because i was studying. ehheee....

p.s. for those who still have to work hard for the exams, add oil~~~~~~~~

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