twinssssssssssss .

written @ 1:43 am on 15.05.05

recently i am very busy with my hon pro and finally i have a day off today. had a sudden date with fire and a fierce quarrel with you. also talked to thomas son son in london.

all in all. good day good day.

well, to be honest, doing tons of interviews is fun. what tortures one should be the writing process i guess.

becoz of the hon pro, talked to a lot of ppl, bumped into so many fruitful lives, learnt more about myself. i dunno what the result will be, i dun care about that anymore laaaaaaaaa. anyway i can only do my best now......

here are the twins dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is mousseeeeeeeee!

this is Wong's (my interviewees) ����... they're all living in ���w with very lovely ���J-->

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