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written @ 1:48 am on 21.05.05

���M������ hon pro�A�����ڥ��U diary ��U��������



�t�@�ӱN�n�� final editor���������

�� first editor��
�A�@�ҧ��մN�n�A�� crap �u�Y�����A���

�h�°��o�Y layout �Wo�J advice��

�h�¦P�ǥJ�������u��ۧU�r�I�I�I�]�p�䪺�`�]�q�ܡA�p�ժ��@�_�`�] interview�A�p�Τp��� penn ���G���إq��ʡA��H�� sms�Avic vic ��icq�Arebekah �d�� lily dia_mond �����y������b�Y�Ӻu�ʳ�I�^

��n�h�ª�tim o�J encouragement��
though i think he will "sinnnnnnnnnnnn" me finally but his words were so warm arrrrrrrrrrr!

o~ it sounds like i have already finished the hon pro but the fact is that i have just finished the cover and the content page jar!



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