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written @ 1:14 am on 26.05.05

today is a good day to remember as i finally finish the hon pro (wahahaaaa~ i finished that yesterday but print it out today laaaa, a series of unfortunate events occured for the printing..... anyway it's okok now laaaa! no worries). have to rest rest sin~ (besides, special thanks to big kwan who is going to buy my hon pro. yes my hon pro is a magazine arrrrr! i was so happy that dad, mum and sisters said i did a good job for that and finally they realised why i didnt turn up for so many days and nites. they never thought i was making such a big thing laaaaaaa so when i showed them they were really surprised. eheheee. i am happy that i really chose a topic i like. it's not that serious yet it contains some messsssss inside. good. a magazine with zoe.)

yesterday i went down for the class photo (dunno when can we meet again.....: (

we five have a photo again la!!!~~~~~~~~~

lovely rebekah who was with me in the lab for hon pro for a whole nite before we took this photo.....


p.s. felt so shit to be told that "i am wrong for-- this this this, that that that." i am really afraid..... i dunno how to face her..... so sad and cried on the street today. wanna give up.

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