happy ending is like neverland .

written @ 1:45 am on 10.06.05

"Happy ending is only for stories unfinished yet."

--Mr and Mrs Smith.

nice movie except for its, well, happy ending tellin' me that it's just UNFINISHED!

it's like saying, "I will be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk."

special point: its lines (english)--> brilliant!

btw, had a very short yet super super happy talk with brian after the movie(in fact i called him for a few times last week. unfortunately i got only voice-mail response which was sooooooooooooo disheartenin'). i love you man. take care in london!

p.s. also, small g g you have to add oil in aus~ so sorry that i gave you a false hope........ i swear i will visit you provided that i wont die too soon. eheheeeeee.

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