the last GPA .

written @ 10:29 pm on 15.06.05

Guess i should talk a bit about my honours project. yes i received my final GPA yesterday laaaaa (i am not goin' to tell you the exact mark~ ehehee but you can ask me if you want to~). i am contented. i really need to thank tim as he didnt "sinnnnnnnnnnnn" me and i really made it.

here are his warm words when i was in the hell:

"so you would like to do something conceptual rite? but do you think you can handle such a big thing? will it be too hard?" "errrrrrrrr~ i think it will be fine," said i. "then that's ok. come to me whenever you like. i am just afraid you'll have too much workload."

"dun care if it is very different from the others'. as long as you like it, it will be fine."

"it doesn't matter whether she (judith, my second advisor) likes it or not. the most important thing is you like it." --> this sentence was soooooooo encouraging as i told him judith disliked my topic....

"only if you like the topic can you make a good one."

"you will make it. i have trust in you. you'll be fine."

finally, although i couldnt meet the target he set for me during the beginning of the semester (he wanted me to get a first class honours and asked me to try my best.......) i am really delighted to have tim as my advisor. he is such a lovable professor.

家 .

written @ 8:35 pm on 15.06.05


p.s. 我有一點看不起你了。我不能被你那俗不可耐的思想淹沒。你所說的有多清高誰不明白,可是那又如何?看你所作的,想起你曾經做的,只令人想吐。



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