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written @ 12:08 am on 24.06.05

this is a survey i did for siu yuen giiiiiiiii. ehehee. quite funny!!! so now you know how she and i met in my f.7 summer. you know, i met her then i started to use diaryland.....

cool!~~~~~~~~~ maybe i should create some questions to ask my friendsssssss. wahahahaaa!

>> Your name: Zoeeeeeee

>> Where did we meet: Exellenceeeee

>> Take a stab at my middle name: siu yuen giiiiii

>> Do I believe in God: yes

>> How long have you known me: wowo 3 years laaaaa!!!!

>> Do I smoke: no

>> What was your first impression of me upon meeting: subtle!!!!!!!!!! and kind

>> Colour of my eyes: dark brown...... am i rite?

>> Do I have any siblings: sure laaaaaa we're also the youngest in our families huh~~~~~

>> What's one of my favourite things to do: writing diary eheheeeeeeee

>> Do you remember one of the first things I said to you: you asked me questions and said i looked like mavis......

>> What's my favourite type of music: classic one???

>> What is the best feature about me: i love your character.

>> Am I shy or outgoing: you're kind of a �C�� person i think

>> Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules: follow the rules if you can

>> What's your favourite memory of me: we walked to a bank together for an errand... what you told me moved me. well but you may not even remember what you have said. eheheeeeee!

>> Any special talents: you are a good listener arrrrrrrr! and can the ability of being crazy be counted? wowowwwww!

>> Would you consider me a friend: sureeeeeeeeeeeeeee la!

>> If there was one good nickname for me, what would it be: �p�Y�l for sureeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

>> If you and I were stranded on a desert island, what is the one thing would I bring? ���J noodles and cokeeeeeee!


p.s. today is such a goooooooood day that i met so many good friends.

accompanied vicvic to the polyu design grad show. met crystal finally after knowing her name for so many years. :)

ai yaaaaaa~ kinda worried for stella! hope everything will be fine. super wanna go to london to visit fred, borja and brian then go to leeds to visit you~ my gal!

my sister said, "how come there are so many unfortunate things happening to your friends!!!"


then met thomas son son to have a looooooooooooong dinner. cool.


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