where rainbow ends .

written @ 10:13 am on 15.04.08

wahahaha i finished the other book within one nite. that really sounds crazy, especially after a non-stop-14-hour-very-hectic day of work. though i didnt read it line by line, i was so weepy and i felt like i was 17 again! damn i am much older now and the image of myself being a very little romantic girl becomes more and more vague as time fades. sometimes you need to cherish the days that you can be muddled by lies because the faith for love will vanish and the trust for others will perish as the history repeats itself when time goes by. had it not been for the stupidity, one would never fall in love with a bad guy. but then we learn to grow up to bow to the reality and stay tough for livin' a life.

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