London Bridge .

written @ 10:16 pm on 30.12.03

Today is very very very cold.

I suddenly recalled a bit sad memories when I was alone on the London Tower Bridge. I told myself I could only remember the happy things with you. But sometimes my sad feelings seldom fade away. They linger in one's mind forever, ain't they?

Today we went to Windsor Castle. I understand why all girls want to be a prince's wife or a born-princess. hehee~

I will go to Belgium to wait for the new year's arrival tomorrow. I really like London. You know I like cold weather. The reason I like it is because I can feel I have never ever lived so realistically when the wind is blowing towards me. Don't you think I am crazy? I can only find my own self-existence inside the wind.

I will be here again.

p.s. besides ball-ball-man, my dream career is to be a busker in London underground tube or the live actors (for scarin' ppl) for the museum. really great great occupation ar!~~~

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