Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps .

written @ 12:07 am on 16.09.03

You won't admit you love me,
and so,
How am I ever to know?

You always tell me,
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.

A million times I've asked you,
and then,
I ask you over again,
You only answer,
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

If you can't make your mind up,
We'll never get started;
And I don't want to wind up being parted,
broken hearted;

if you really love me,
say "yes".

But if you don't,
And please don't tell me,

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

p.s. this is an exellent jazz song played in the jazz band tonite.


the pain is being gone thro' .

written @ 12:34 pm on 15.09.03

To be a better man/ woman,
you have to go thro' this agony,
no matter how painful or how poignant it is.

Because it's the real life.


One's pain is better left unsaid?
I really doubt.

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