first day@London .

written @ 5:18 pm on 27.12.03

I am in London now!

The moment I start to write the diary is 5.18pm (HK time: 01:18 -- 8 hrs slower in UK). I guess the 11-hr sleep on plane does make me overcome the problem of jet-lag that I used to have.

I juz back from China town and very luckily, the hotel I am living in does have free Internet service. So I can write sth for all of you so you all know I am still alive! heheee~

Today we went to a lot of places once we landed off. I have already traveled with UK's underground tube for 4 times till now. And I have taken the coach too. Weather is nice (not very very cold, but very cold la). I also found out that an EARFUR will save your life in very cold weather.

After finishing this entry I will go to see the Phantom of the Opera at 7.30pm.

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