Snowy new year .

written @ 6:35 pm on 01.01.04

I am in Scherpenheuvel now.

I could hardly explain to you how I arrived here after the big big accident had happened yesterday...

Today there is non-stop snow.
Really white New Year ar!!! ahahahaaaaaa.....

I played snowballs with Alan and Winny (my cousins).
I really like here very much ar!!!
I hope I can come more leh. hehee....

Juz now I went cycling--
Yes!!! cycling in snow and dark! (in Europe it turns dark startin' from 3pm)
Really wonderful ar!

I played piano here... really didnt play it for a long time lu.

In the afternoon I made a cake with big anut and Winny...okok ar!

Here is very very quiet. I think far a lot than I can bear. I was so afraid that I would collapse after reading that. But once again I overcame the fragility.

Humans can be more tough when the weather gets colder... at least, to me that works.

Temptation can only be temptation.
I know.

p.s. I will go to Holland and Paris probably during the weekend.

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