last fr SF .

written @ 3:37 pm on 31.05.04

hehee.... yeah~ lu man yan~ little mr wong is very naughty ar... he always hides himself between the gap of the the two beds....


lu man yan~ haha~ you cant come here to bbq ar.... coz the bbq pits (i forget how to call that, you un?) here are very different from those in hong kong. the fire is very very very strong and ppl dont use fork to bbq ga.......... the meat all becomes carbon within a very short time~ ahahaha~ so my fds said ppl from US wont have enough patience to bbq in hong kong. i miss hong kong's bbq honey-ed chicken wings arrrrrrrr~

hey~ is siu sum okok with the tutorial? i guess that gal is toooooooooo silent in the eyes of sim sum.... hehee~

er... actually i am very happy ga.... sometimes too mo liu and then sleep sleep sleep.... and coz of the medicine i take, i always have no mood to eat anything (but you know, there are lots of delicious foods here!!! poor me).


yesterday nite i played UNO with fds, hahaha..... played till 3am..... hahahaaaaaa~~~~

today i went to a shopping mall and i wanted to do shopping again..........

ps. this is probably the last diary from SF. happy to meet littlewhite again tomorrow~ yo~~~~~~ but before that i hv to due with the hauntin' luaggage.... u knw how i wish i had a bf in US.........?! but i am the PRINCE!!!~ i will be able to carry on gaaaaaaa! just wait n' see!!!

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