@ SF airport .

written @ 9:14 am on 01.06.04

thanks fujitsu!!!

so that i can online in the airport. since i hv no credit card with me i cant use the paid wireless online service with my dictionary-sized notebook. now is abt 9am but my plane will take off at 11:25am. i still hv lots of time to read and write and type.

yo~ finally i paid $2 US to an indian for carrying the luggage with me. one is 67 lbs and the other is 73 lbs. hehee... samantha is havin' her baby so we can only ask for help. when i left i suddenly discovered that i didnt even take a pic with samantha.... (actually i didnt take a picture with HUMAN includin' myself.... ^_____________^) i guess rebecca will be pissed off. but nevermind, she will only see me next year jan, that's okok laaaaaa..... she will forget abt that if noone mentions this to her. and she has already had a long talk with samantha la.......

yesterday nite i took a pill that the doctor in hk asked me not to take before sleep... and what's next? i discovered how powerful that pill was! i suffered from a terrible insomnia. and just now i bought a wrong iced vanilla LATTE by mistake at starbucks. (that was my first time to use my own money in US!!!)

let's hope i can sleep well on plane....

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