the moody words ..... .

written @ 6:55 pm on 14.09.03

....tellin' you how moody I can be.


Deep down in my heart
I hate myself
being like this.

Everytime I cry
I tell myself

"This is the last time I allow myself to cry like this."

Yes, we all cannot afford life-long tears because we are juz human beings with limited strengths, limited tears and limited hopes.


"Try once more." she uttered in a whimpering voice.

"It's impossible, for you and me." he said, apathetically.

"But let me tell you, for us it works." she whispered, and whimpered.


It really works but he never tries.

She wants him to bolster her up, he is the only one in the world that can do so, she thinks. Losing him she juz cant help but feel like losing herself.

She finally tries, yet she tries to live with a life without him. Everyday she still weeps for him, or maybe, for the memories. Crossing her mind there is him, the only him.

Days and nights pass; dawns and dusk arrive now she no longer needs him. Sure her life never lacks tears round the pillows from her tiny little eyes, words from him shattering her hopes, dreams at midnights that lighten her spirits up over the years go by.

Because he tells her the very truth at last.

She wakes up from the illusions. The truth disillusions her deadly, without any return.

But eventually she realized the didactic saying -- "Time heals.".

Time does cure her pain though it really takes time. For a girl like her, she needs even more time than a normal one due to her stupidity, as she believes in eternity.

She hopes one day the bitter souls will all leave and the bitter-sweet memories can stay behind, accompanying her till the day she dies.

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